Qball's Hotsauce

Founded: February 15, 2012 in Denver, CO 

Owner, Chris "Qball" Mc Hugh put a creative spin on hot sauces with a unique Billiards theme. The "Poolball Series" currently consists of 8 gourmet recipes made with gluten-free, fresh, high quality ingredients. Originally, the theme matched the color of the sauce with the color of the pool ball - get it?  Cool theme huh?!  Since Qball's Hotsauce doesn't use artificial colors, we have No Blue Balls Nor Purple Balls!

The number of craft hot sauces is growing much like the craft breweries of the 90's and we have even found a way to incorporate the two...BEER INFUSED SAUCES!  Of course, the fire eating, Chile Head in your life will love 8 BALL, our fresh Carolina Reaper hot sauce that rings in over a ½ MILLION SCOVILLES! 

Qball's Hotsauce has something for everyone, so go ahead and grab a gift for grandma too! 

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