Marie Sharp's BELEZIAN HEAT Hot Sauce

Marie Sharp's

$ 8.99
Marie Sharp's BELEZIAN HEAT Hot Sauce

This sauce is even hotter than the FIERY HOT pepper sauce and it is commonly used by the native Belizeans.  If you want to experience Belizean level of spiciness, try this sauce.  Perhaps the very best sauce made by Marie Sharp's.  Belizean Heat Hot Sauce is considered as the optimum blend of heat and flavor sauce of native Belizeans. This sauce combines the famous Central American habaneros with Marie Sharp's famous spices to create the unique taste of the region.

10 fl oz (296 mL)


Habanero Pepper Mash, Capsicum Oil, Fresh Carrots, White Vinegar, Key Lime Juice, Salt, Tomato, N'awlins Cajun and Creole Spices, Onions, and Garlic.

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