Dave's Gourmet SCORPION PEPPER Hot Sauce

Dave's Gourmet, Inc.

$ 10.99
Dave's Gourmet SCORPION PEPPER Hot Sauce

This sauce contains no added pepper extract to deliver the pure heat and clean pepper flavor of the world’s hottest chile, the fierce Scorpion Pepper. Just like the Scorpions for which it is named, this pepper will creep up on you with a heat that quickly stings then withdraws ready to sting again on your next bite. Let it crawl into your favorite stews, burgers, burritos, and pizza and feel its satisfying sting one drop at a time.

*BE AWARE: This sauce does not contain added extract and is not meant for Veteran Chileheads chasing their next extreme burn. This sauce is very hot, but is meant for Chileheads who prefer flavor over heat.

Recommended For: Daring Chileheads
No Preservatives • No Artificial Colors or Flavors • Low Fat/Sodium • Gluten Free

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