CAJUN POWER, Louisiana Lightning Strike


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CAJUN POWER, Louisiana Lightning Strike

Cajun Power Lightning Strike Hot Sauce

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Although Cajun food is not hot, there are a few folks from the bayou country of South Louisiana that just like to have a little extra kick to their meal, so Chef Caro created Lightning Strike. A blend of spices and peppers from all over the world with a hint of chili and lime. It's the new, hot, Hot Sauce! It's been taste tested all over Cajun country by the experts who live here and it took first prize every time. It's the best around and we're not afraid to prove it. So, move over Tabasco! Lightning Strike has the heat and the flavor.

SIZE: 10 Fl Oz (295 mL)

INGREDIENTS: Peppers, Vinegar, Garlic, Sugar, Spices, Salt, Chiles, Lime, Xanthan Gum (STABILIZER)

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