Blair's Q Heat Habanero Mango Hot Sauce

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$ 9.99
Blair's Q Heat Habanero Mango Hot Sauce
Did you know our funky "Q" symbol is the scientific symbol for heat? This exotic hot sauce is made from hand selected chiles for a soulful sauce. Pure mango puree is the secret to this slightly sweet heat.  Quick Tip Party Dip Mix: equal parts sour cream and cream cheese, and add Heat Habanero Mango to taste. Serve with crudite and toasted pita points.
8.44 fl oz (250 mL)


Orange Habanero Chiles, Cayenne Chiles, Sugar, Canola Oil, Mango Pulp, Corn Syrup, Water, Citric Acid, Riboflavin, and Beta-Carotene.