Yellowbird Sauce

For the adventurous

Yellowbird is not your typical watered–down hot sauce. Our spicy condiments are flavor–forward with a thicker, smoother consistency packed with real, farm–fresh fruits and vegetables. We have zero tolerance for fake filler ingredients. When it comes to eating delicious, healthy meals, we can all agree that condiments made with real food are the cherry on top… or in our case, the Bird on top.

Fuel your adventure. Eat better with Yellowbird.

Support for farmers 

It all started with a seed — a seed of thought asking “what if we went back to the basics, back to our true source of nourishment, back to nature? What if we refused all the junk that we’ve gotten far too used to seeing in our foods and what if, by doing that, we accidentally happened to create the most delicious sauce in the world?”

We use only fresh, non–GMO ingredients and always source organic when possible. By focusing on real ingredients, we’re able to support the hard–working farms and farmers that are focused on growing real, organic foods, so they can continue to do the work that fuels us all.