SASO Pepper Co


In 2008, Matt Brennan mastered an 85-year-old family recipe. A recipe that was highly coveted and quickly gaining popularity amongst his friends.

The ingredients were rare, the taste was fresh, and what it did to food was delightfully unexpected.

Today it’s known as Chile Pequin Pepper Sauce.

From the secret recipe, a pepper company was born. SaSo Pepper Co. Dedicated to exploring—and curating—so you can taste more.

At SaSo there’s nothing safe about what we do, because we take risks.

Only passionate pepper masters work at SaSo. Pepper masters dedicated to creating uniquely flavorful combinations by blending the most rare and modern peppers.

Integral to our recipes are our relationships with pepper purveyors who source the finest peppers in the world. We only buy ingredients from them. Then, we hand roast our peppers and create our sauces in small batches. Why? Because we know you can taste the difference.

You will taste the difference. And once you do—you’ll want to tell the whole world about it.


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