Our Story

Hi, I'm Rick DeSimone! Like many of you during COVID, I had lots of extra time and embarked upon some new hobbies to keep my sanity. Spring/summer were filled with yard work and disc golf, and fall brought the return of football. Then winter arrived here in the Mile High City.

While digging through the cupboard for the last of the quarantine snacks, I found a hot sauce making kit that my lovely wife Kristin had gifted me for Christmas in 2018. Like many of my hobbies, it had sat far too long on a shelf gathering dust.

I remembered a delicious roasted jalapeno garlic salsa recipe I'd made, and took a shot at turning it into a hot sauce. It was better than I had ever expected! I ordered more bottles and tried more recipes, and stumbled upon a rich, smoky chipotle sauce!

I shared several bottles with friends for the holidays, and devoured the rest. I knew then that this was more than a hobby, I wanted to share these flavors with everyone. And voila - Quarantine Project was born. Like most good things, this company started by accident. And, I'm so excited to see what it will turn into!