Heartbreaking Dawns is the Tri-State Area’s premier producer of all-natural artisan sauces and spice blends.  The company is independently owned and operated by husband and wife team Chef Johnny and Nicole McLaughlin.  The formation of the company began by transforming items from their garden into delicious sauces, putting those sauces into bottles, and adding eye-catching labels.  While bringing the sauces to family and friends houses for BBQ’s during the summer of 2008, a friend suggested taking the sauces to a local festival and selling them to the public.  Johnny and Nicole were thrilled by the response they had received at that first festival and went home, made more sauce, and signed up for more festivals.   They had no idea that in a short time, those exciting creations would become some of the most talked about and sought after products on the market.  Johnny recalls, “I’ve always had a passion for all things creative, from a love of cooking, culture and literature to years as a visual artist.  Seeing a product through from conception to sale was the first time I felt the reward of overlapping everything I had ever been passionate about into one single result.  I knew immediately that this was the business for me!”