Adoboloco Hawaiian Island Sauce Co.

Adoboloco has embodied the old style Hawaiian “chili pepper water” and revolutionized it into a modern day fusion hot sauce only using 4-5 ingredients. SIMPLE IS BEST! Our sauces are 100% natural. Perfect for those looking for a fully flavored alternative to the mass market hot sauces or dressings usually containing one or more ingredient you can’t pronounce. Adoboloco hot sauces range from mild to very hot, but never compromise on flavor. Often used as an alternative to salad dressing, sautéing vegetables and on any meal from breakfast to dinner.

Late 2017 after over a year of reformulating and testing Adoboloco introduced PAU! HANA! HAWAIIAN BBQ! Lab tested and verified to be gluten free and made with the best of ingredients like imported non-gmo soy from Japan and Pacific Northwest Pear juice. PAU! HANA! HAWAIIAN BBQ! is a hybrid sauce/marinade with a flavor you won’t soon forget. Still keeping it simple and simple to use, PAU! HANA! HAWAIIAN BBQ! is a go to for easy and quick meals. Now you can get Hawaiian Barbecue any time at home and know that you’re eating something made with the best ingredients around.

In 2011 Adoboloco sprouted from a homeschool garden project in Maui Hawaii. Now the business involves the whole Parsons family and is a teaching platform for their children’s community, farm and business education.

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